Return Policy

You need to know this before unpacking the shipment from us and using it.

Please read carefully the conditions before using the item. The moment you open a shipment from you have accepted our sales and return provisions. As they are described when you placed your order.

Check the outer packaging for transport damage, and any damage to the contents. must be notified no later than 10 days after the item is delivered / acknowledged as delivered by the recipient or his representative. Violation of this deadline will result in the loss of the right of return. This is due to transport insurance and our deadlines for filing claims for carrier for damaged goods.

Customer service at checks that the part ordered fits according to the chassis number, but it is the customer's responsibility to check that the part is correct before installing (measure inside / outside diameter / thickness etc ...) against the disassembled part before inserting the new one. We sell brand new parts and they should be returned in the same condition as when they were received. The original packaging should be complete and neat when you receive it, and in case of return the same packaging should be used. Do not write on the original packaging.

How do I return?

You can return the item within 30 days of the item received. If the item is received in return more than 30 days after the buyer received the item, the return will not be approved and returned to the buyer. The buyer will then be charged for shipping costs.

This also applies if the item does not fit your car. It is your responsibility to check that the part is correct, regardless of when you intend to use the part.

Upon return, place the part (s) to return in a suitable box, insert newsprint or the like to stabilize the contents and lose the box. If the original packaging is solid you can return the item in it. Spin transparent foil around the package BEFORE writing / pasting return information, or wrap it in plain wrapping paper.

Return Address is:

Bilens Butikk AS, Hardangerveien 150, 5226 Nesttun

This is the only accepted return address. Another address / postal code entails that.
The package is not picked up and thus returned and additional costs are incurred by the customer.
Always include the received cancellation form and order confirmation.

In case of complaint please provide the following information:

  • For complaints, please provide the following information:
  • Mileage when the part was mounted.
  • Mileage when the part was disassembled.
  • Car Registration No.
  • Detailed description of the error.